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23450's News

Posted by 23450 - November 22nd, 2008

Well, time for a new post.

So, i will have at least one game being submitted sometime in december. Imk hoping more then that though. I have another game in the works. A smaller game. Wont be a huge hit i dont think. Still have to figure out a way to make it....fun. lol. Its based around building up a small army of men (men being round blobs with arms) and havign them defend or fight against others of the same kind. Have yet to determine how alot of it will work. It seems having enemys spawn and you killing them is a tad bit borring. I'll continue with the project and hopefuly change things up a bit to make it more interesting. But, it'll come. I will finish it whether it is fun or not. I just want to finish a game for once. lol.

And the big project has been comming along very slowely. I intend on making it a very upgrade based game. You should be able to buy many different kinds of weapons, armor, change your jumping height, your speed, your health, pretty much everything. Like a customisable mech or something. Really looking foreward to that. Especially like...15 weapons??? Sounds like a good number to me. The flamethrower is pretty fun. : )

Lag may or may not be an issue. So far, not a big issue really. But it seems if you shoot the machine gun alot, the game slows down for some reason. I have no clue as to why...oh well. Hopefuly it dont be a big issue later on.

So far the game has 2 enemys. 1 that is fully functional, the other does not attack as of yet. Im hopign to have somewhere like....10 enemys. And some other less common enemys specialized to a certain level. Like bosses and such.

Anyway, this time, you get a screen shot. Shows both enemys and deployable turrets for defense. Hopefuly it will be fun. : )

Another new Project, a finished one, and work continues.


Posted by 23450 - August 1st, 2008

Hit my 3 reply quota for my last news post, time for a new one. : P

I have nearly completed one game. Should be released here soon. Hopefuly make a bit of a splash in the portal. But that project is not my big project. Smaller that that i only programmed.

And then my big game. Its comming along great, as usual. Im starting to move away from concept. I completely reprogramed the entire game. Its making things alot easier on me. I've got a god amount of weapons in the game, 1 being a flame thrower which is a fun one to use. Other then that, im going to start adding enemies and implement the turrets that you are going to be able to lay on the ground to help you in the heat of battle. Always fun to have things helping you. Its starting to become a bit of a defense game, more so then the adventure one i had origonally planned. You are set in a room and you have to fight until they are all dead. Move on, upgrade, go into a new room. Basicly the jist of it all.

While i do have an engine running very well at the moment, you still only get concept art. : P

Maybe next post i will have a room done that i can throw up here. Until now, you get to see the suit designs. The final suit is a mash up of these 3 designs, with the top left model being the one im using in game at the moment.

Work continues+Finished Project

Posted by 23450 - May 13th, 2008

Ok. Been back a few days now. Getting a good amount of work done on my game. Did not get a whole lot of concept shit done while in Europe though. Oen environment and a suit design. But, i have made many important gameplay and storyline decisions in the past few days. But for the most part im still producing a good amoutnof concept art. I've got about 15 so far. Need alot more ofcourse. And the engine is improving ofcourse. Getting more complex every time i go back to it. For now, all you get is more concept art.


Posted by 23450 - April 24th, 2008

Well, I'm off to Europe for 2 weeks. Going with the college here. 16 people going, only 2 guys. Fucking score!

Hopefuly i'll be doing alot of design shit while im gone. But, heres a tid bit of concept art i did yesterday. Cya all in 2 weeks. All 3 of you....

Leaving to Europe

Posted by 23450 - February 23rd, 2008

Ok. A bunch new projects on the way. 1 being a Pico animation i started last year. Going to try and finish it for Pico Day this year. Then a i have a bunch of games in the works. I've learned how to use AS3 farily quickly, so im gong to see what i can get done with that. Im thinking an action side scroller. Hopefully AS3 will allow alot of dynamic explosions and advanced AI to accompany a good arsenal of weapons at your disposal. I have the engine started, looking very nice at the moment. You should all look foreard to it. : )

And im almost done my first year of college. Half the way to getting an art diploma. With that, i might apply at the game company we have in my town. Its a small company, but it would be nice to get some real experiance before hitting it big. Unitl then, flash will be my artistic medium, so dont worry. : )

Posted by 23450 - October 26th, 2007

Looks like people are actualyl freaking reading this thing. Maybe i should make a proper update....

K, i just spent 80 dollars on a digital voice recorder. Why? Sound effects. Ive always wanted something i could bring anywhere i wanted for sound effects, and now i do. And the sound quality? With a deacent Mic attached to the thing, i get literally perfect quality. I always thought sound effects were a very important part of animation and games, something that almost all flash games/animations dont do enough of. There always seems to be missing sound effects and ones that were taken from a database and have been used a million times before. I plan to give mine a little more style and depth with these sounds. Might sound small, but for some reason im excited and think it will really help. So what are you connents on sound effects, every really think about it?

So, turns out one of the guys on my socer team designs web sites, and he made one for the team. Its actually very well done. And i offored to make some content. So, im going to design a few soccer based mini games for the site. First will be a game where you simply click on a ball to keep it in the air, but with some sweet upgrades and hopefuly some nice graphics and, ofcourse, sound effects. Imma go to a field one day and get sounds of the ball hitting the ground, me foot, a whistle sound, things of that sort.

And i might be also getting paid to make a 20-30 second basketball animation for one of my old high school teachers. He's doing some kind of presentation and i offered to help. That will have to be done on christmas, when i have lots of time. I'll probably get paid somewhere bwteen 200-500 dollars for it. Not that im in it for the money, but meh.

So yah, hopefuly thats interesting enough. Oh, i also finnaly beat metroid prime 2. if anyone here has ever played that game, they will realize why its such big news. Thats games such a bitch. > : (

Posted by 23450 - October 2nd, 2007

Not that anyone other then ShortMonkey reads this crap, but ive started school. Alot of fucking work. But, getting it done, kinda. Hopefully i will become a better artist and own the ass outa the newgrounds front page some day. You know its comming.

Posted by 23450 - July 18th, 2007

I'll be going to Kingston Ontario for a week to see my bro. Woot! He's going to Afganistan next month, figured i would see him before he whent. Should be fun. > : )