Entry #8

Another new Project, a finished one, and work continues.

2008-11-22 13:57:05 by 23450

Well, time for a new post.

So, i will have at least one game being submitted sometime in december. Imk hoping more then that though. I have another game in the works. A smaller game. Wont be a huge hit i dont think. Still have to figure out a way to make it....fun. lol. Its based around building up a small army of men (men being round blobs with arms) and havign them defend or fight against others of the same kind. Have yet to determine how alot of it will work. It seems having enemys spawn and you killing them is a tad bit borring. I'll continue with the project and hopefuly change things up a bit to make it more interesting. But, it'll come. I will finish it whether it is fun or not. I just want to finish a game for once. lol.

And the big project has been comming along very slowely. I intend on making it a very upgrade based game. You should be able to buy many different kinds of weapons, armor, change your jumping height, your speed, your health, pretty much everything. Like a customisable mech or something. Really looking foreward to that. Especially like...15 weapons??? Sounds like a good number to me. The flamethrower is pretty fun. : )

Lag may or may not be an issue. So far, not a big issue really. But it seems if you shoot the machine gun alot, the game slows down for some reason. I have no clue as to why...oh well. Hopefuly it dont be a big issue later on.

So far the game has 2 enemys. 1 that is fully functional, the other does not attack as of yet. Im hopign to have somewhere like....10 enemys. And some other less common enemys specialized to a certain level. Like bosses and such.

Anyway, this time, you get a screen shot. Shows both enemys and deployable turrets for defense. Hopefuly it will be fun. : )

Another new Project, a finished one, and work continues.


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2008-12-02 19:37:32

I know you will have fun


2009-07-01 14:58:47

Good to know you haven't given up on that project :]

I'd love to test your game anytime, if you want me to just drop me a PM with a link !

Also, for the lag, i don't know how you coded your game but here are my usual issues with lag:
-Too many bullets causes lag if they have loops to detect enemies in em
-Not removing the bullets after they hit something
-Too many bullets spawning at a small interval.
-Not removing bullets if they're not being seen on the screen.

Hope any of that actually helps.

PS: AS2 or 3 ?


2009-07-29 12:46:19

I'm looking forward to it.