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From Life to Death From Life to Death

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice style

Good and effective, for the most part. The art style fit well. Having each character coloured differently gave it a sense of individualism for each character, and properly seperated them throughout the story. What i didn't like is how you chose to draw most of it with a brush tool, but chose certain elements like the car and coffin to be drawn wit the pencil tool. Simply didn't do it for me.

But, if your going to make a flash that is basicly a slide show, it would have been nice to have some added detail. Character models were well done, but more thought put into the backgrounds and maybe seperate fills for all the elements would have done nicely.

The story was an interesting one. Not so much the story itself, but the basic concept you were trying to achieve. I do beleive alot more could have been done with it though. Something a little more thought provoking, ironic, or simply sad. I would have liked this guys life to have been a little more interesting, to say the least. But the whole idea of it was an interesting one at least.

So, story needed some more strength behind it, music worked well, style worked well, and was overall and effective effort. Good job. Hope to see some more from ya.

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ReklessCreati0n responds:

Thanks number man!

I'm glad you enjoyed it... Thanks for the review, and your vote.

Xionic Madness Xionic Madness

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very good.

K. You did a good job with this thing. But there are some issues to work out, of course.

Firstly is, I've been watching your work for years now, and it does not seem you have evolved much. I found your fight scenes more exhilarating back in the day. Just seems that after so many years, you should be destroying your earlier work, but it fails to go above and beyond what you used to do.

Another issue is pace. The content and structure of the movie did not seem to parallel the pace well enough. The fight scenes seemed to be slower than they should have been, and did not last long enough. There were simply small sprints of action. And the music was not dynamic enough. Music can control pace of a movie very well when used correctly, and it did not pace this movie correctly. Sound effects work the same way. Going from just music to constant slashing and killing sound effects and quicken the pace of a movie as well. There seemed to be a lack of sound effects, and did not seem to help the pace a whole lot either.

The storyline was another issue. Not that it was too thin, because thin story can hold up in an action movie like this very well. Thing is, it only holds up when it works in parallel with the movie itself. Like...Maness movies are pointless violence with a very thin storyline, and the storyline is displayed and explained in the same fashion. Short and quick. Story never got in the way of the action. This is not the case with yours. Your story is thin, yet it slows down the pace of the movie by trying to be a more noticeable presence. This simply does not work.

But, even with all this "critique", you managed to make one heck of a movie. Keep it up.

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Intruder : Revelation Intruder : Revelation

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It was pretty intense. Well done. Someone has been playing way to much FEAR.

You lose alot of points on the sound effects. Stealing sounds from a game is not what i consider quality sound effects. I think maybe you shoulda done something different there.

But i enjoyed the character movement, even thogh it looked a little wierd at times, but overall a very well done piece of animation.

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Dodge Stuff Dodge Stuff

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Needed some polish

Good effort i would say. But really what it needed was just a bit of polish. In the sense that there is alot of small things that need work.

First, being the character and control. There is not enough friction between him and the ground, he slides around way to much. And the walk animation was broken. He took one step and just floated the rest of the way.

Also there are frame rate issues. First off, i think the overall frame rate needs to be raised. Secondly, when you get that many vector graphics moving around on screen, your going to get some lag. Unless you change the quality to medium or low. Which was not an option here. You have no buttons for it and you took away the right click menu. Lowering quality would have made the game run alot smoother.

There also needs to be more variety. Change the game up a bit every once and a whole to keep the interest of the player.

There also needs to be some kind of icon for the extra points that float down. Simply having white numbers is a little hard to see.

And me score was 0 every time i played, even though i lasted about 3-4 minutes. Wierd.

And one last points. The music you put it sounds like its from a prono, and the moans you made for the character certainly dont help the prono theme either. lol. Accidental funny. Well done.

But the game looked good and th webcam and high score table was a nice touch. So keep going.

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Xeptic responds:

First of all, thanks for the very useful review. I'm not exactly sure what's causing the framerate issues, I have however uploaded a new version that should run somewhat smoother. There is an hotkey (q) to change the quality of the game though, as it says in the comments and how-to-play. the objects should be falling down faster the higher your score gets, to make the game more challenging , I'm afraid the effect is a little too subtle so I'll look into that as well ;).

The score is lowered by 400 points every time you get hit, that might be your problem. Because 400 points is a little harsh I lowered it to 50 in the new version.


Unique Unique

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well made

An extremely simple game made great by its fluid and unique approach. The icons were very well made, easy to look at and pick out designs. The flow of all the icons was soft and fluid, making it easy to stare at for a long period of time. Music worked great, just enough sound effects (especially when the level goes up, nice sound). You could have possibly added another level of difficulty to it all though. Having it rotate was a good idea, but maybe have it rotate and have the radius of the circle move outwards??? Possibly even having the single icons themselves rotate. Either way, one more little change would have been nice, seeing as how the rotation change was introduced and taken so well.

So, good job. Keep it up. One of my more positive reviews.

Coaly responds:

Awesome review, I'm glad you liked it so much and thanks for the suggestions!

Run Soldier, Run! Run Soldier, Run!

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Funnny, I have a version of this game near completion sitting in my hard drive. After Banana stopped talking to me, i supposed the project was over. guess i was wrong. Nice to see it got done anyway, could have been done a long time ago though. I had it near done.

As for the game itself, i never was sold on the gameplay. Kinda hard to controls the characters. And i did not see those curving bombs that you origonally wanted in the game. I had a hard time implementing them, seems you guys did as well. You dumped it. lol.

Anyway, i always thought the animation was top notch. Programming was fine. Some things in there that i had done that seem misplaced in this version. Good job getting it done anyway.

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Ballad for a Penis Ballad for a Penis

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great stuff

So heartful its almost creepy.